Complete solution for entirely natural water treatment.

Why the Sugar Valley AquaScenic?

  • The only system on the market that is able to work with fresh water and without producing chlorine.
  • Gives algae and biofi lm no chance to develop.
  • Purifi es water (H2O) with its own components H and O.
  • Copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) kill algae and bacteria and allow dirt particles to flocculate.
  • Keeps water clear for years.

Technical specifications

The operating principle of hydrolysis oxidation is based on the ability of copper (Cu + +) and silver (Ag +), as flocculants an bactericides, and a hydrolysis system to break down water molecules into oxygen. ozone and peroxide. Together these components provide a complete water treatment on the basis of oxidation-fl occulation without chemicals.

In water with low conductivity(from 500 mS), OH, ozone, peroxide and oxygen are automatically produced locally to disinfect water. The system also contains a copper/silverioniser. However, the system can work with >1 gram of salt/ litre so as to produce more chlorine. Salt concentration may range from 0 to 100 grams NaCl/litre. Hydrolysis breaks down water molecules (H2O) into H and O atoms, causing free radicals to be produced. These free radicals form oxidants that are stronger than chlorine: OH- (radical hydroxide), O (atomic oxygen), O3 (ozone), H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and O2 (oxygen). The advantage of this is that these radicals disinfect within seconds and then revert to water, so no harmful by-products are created, as happens with chlorine. Besides these free radicals a small amount of sodium hypochlorite is produced, thereby guaranteeing a residual eff ect in the pool.

The additional copper/silver ionisation causes a huge increase in the strength of the hydrolysis. The antibacterial and algicidal properties of copper/silver ionisation are supplemented by the high oxidation strength of the hydrolysis system and together they result in a natural water purifi cation process without the addition of chemicals.


With the Vistapool Control System the user or pool installer can control a pool remotely. The Sugar Valley system can be operated using the Vistapool Control System with a web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone. To do this the Sugar Valley controller must be fitted with the WIFI Direct Module. The WIFI Direct Module connects to the Wi-Fi signal in your home. With Sugar Valley units that have Redox, a pH sensor and a pH dosing pump, the pH and redox values can be changed. If the controller is also connected to a heating system, pump and/or lighting system these functions can also be changed remotely. And four additional units can be  operated with this system.



M3 <28°C

M3 > 28°C

Aquascenic HD1




Aquascenic HD2




Aquascenic HD3






Redox option with sensor for the electrolysis control


pH option with sensor for the  measuring/control (excl. dosing pump)


Dosing pump to control the pH


WiFi Direct Module Model 1 (up to serial number 47260)


WiFi Direct Module Model 2 (from serial number 47260)


Optimale desinfectie zwemwater

Pool control en desinfectie in één


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